Aastha Sinha, Student at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bengaluru.

Vaishnavi N, Student at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bengaluru.


We live in a society where it propagates the notion that men and women should be treated equally. But when it comes to equality in the law, we are making it divergent for the existing genders where the law itself is assuming that women can only be the victim and men are the perpetrators especially in the cases of domestic violence which is creating injustice in the society, leaving the men feel inferior if they address their problem of being the sufferer of domestic violence. As society is assuming that men are physically strong and can dominate women in all the ways, it is making the concept more complicated as we cannot state that it is just about violence but also includes abuses faced by men through the acts of their respective spouse and other family members. Men also suffer similar domestic violence at the same intensity more or less like a woman but still the percentage of men domestic violence that are reported are relatively less. The major challenge in front of men is the fear of police as to seeking of help because of the indifferent way of interrogation, which again relates to the image in the society they are holding. As the society, majorly watch media which propagates the victimization of women and repeatedly showing that men are always guilty, it is leading to spicing up of this issue in a negative way. The social stigma of domestic violence towards men are so brawny that the society does not believe that men can also be the victim, which result in escaping of the abuser automatically. It can be clearly seen how the law is silent with the gender biased provision which only protect women from the violence leaving men and other genders with the question of doubt.

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