Manuscript Processing Charges

LawFoyer International Journal of Doctrinal Legal Research (LIJDLR) proudly publishes all its manuscripts with full open access, made possible through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License ( This commitment ensures that both the academic community and the general public enjoy unrestricted, complimentary, and immediate access to valuable scholarly articles. Additionally, our content is available for reuse, provided proper attribution is given to the original authors.

To sustain our commitment to delivering high-quality publishing services and free access to our readers, authors are required to cover a one-time manuscript processing charge (MPC) for accepted manuscripts following peer-review. We do not impose any charges for rejected articles, submission fees, or surcharges based on article length, figures, or supplementary data. Editorial items (such as Editorials, Corrections, Additions, Retractions, Letters, Comments, etc.) are published without charge.

It’s important to note that there are no submission charges for the journal.

Manuscript Publishing Charge

For Indian Authors:

  • Single Author:- Rs 299/-
  • Two Authors:- Rs 499/-

For Author(s) outside India: 10/- 

MPCs cover the following:

The Manuscript Processing Charges (MPCs) encompass the following:

1. Editorial Procedure: This includes the administrative tasks associated with peer review, author revisions, and final decision-making. As a token of our appreciation for the valuable contributions of reviewers and editorial board members, LIJDLR offers MPC discounts and waivers. MPCs also cover administrative work related to rejected articles.

2. Article Production: This involves professional language editing, type-setting, formatting, and the production of articles in PDF format.

3. Article Hosting and Dissemination: This includes the maintenance of our website and interactions with indexing databases to ensure widespread dissemination of published articles.

4. Journal Administration: This entails the management of the journal website, oversight of the editorial board, and promotion of the journal within the research community.

Important Notice: Upon payment of the Manuscript Processing Charge, our team initiates immediate work on your manuscript. Therefore, please be aware that we do not offer refunds once the charges are paid. You may withdraw your paper before its publication, but please note that no refunds will be provided in such cases. Once a manuscript is published, withdrawals are no longer permitted.