Publication Policy

Through a rigorous, double-blind peer review procedure, LIJDLR produces four issues per year. In order to keep the authors informed about the status of their submissions, a call for papers has been launched. Without a properly signed copyright declaration form, no published paper can be accepted for publication.

Authors must notify the editorial board well in advance through mail before publication to withdraw a submission. The publication of a manuscript marks the end of its possibility for removal. Reviewers may make suggestions for improvements, and the writers are obligated to take such into account.

Feel free to contact us via chat-Bot or via mail at if you have any questions.

Detailed Publication Process​

Step 1
Submit your paper

Step 2
Review Process (72 Hours)
Step 3
Step 4
Complete Copyright Formality
Step 5
Paper Published at LIJDLR
Step 6
Get Publication certificate

Detailed Publication Process

From the time an author submits a manuscript, to the time it is published and certificates of publication are issued, the publication process typically takes 3-4 business days.

Please use the form here to submit your manuscript, and you will receive a confirmation email after it has been received.

Manuscripts undergo peer review once they have been submitted.

If the manuscript is accepted, the author or authors will receive an email confirming the acceptance of their work.

Manuscript Publishing Charge

For Indian Authors:

  • Single Author:- Rs 299/-
  • Two Authors:- Rs 499/-

For Author(s) outside India: $ 10/- 

After the copyright form has been submitted and approved, the research paper or article is published on the journal.

Upon publishing, the authors receive an electronic copy of the certificate of publication in the mail.