Wildlife: A Double Edge Sword


Bhanu Mahathi Chitluri, BBA LLB (Hons), 4th year student.


India’s Wildlife Protection Act (WLPA) walks a tightrope. While championing endangered species, it allows culling if they threaten not just human lives, but also livelihoods. This policy, both shield and sword, sparks a fierce ethical battle: Do we prioritize human safety or the ecological tapestry of endangered species weave? This article untangles this knot, wielding a doctrinal scalpel to dissect the WLPA’s provisions and the ethical complexities of culling. It traces the Act’s evolution, revealing its efforts to navigate the treacherous terrain of human-wildlife conflict. But the WLPA’s reach extends beyond life-or-death moments. It allows culling animals impacting livelihoods, a wrinkle that deepens the dilemma. Now, we must weigh species conservation against the economic and social fabric of communities. This abstract argues for abandoning simplistic binaries. It calls for a nuanced framework, one that prioritizes both human safety and species survival. It urges exploration of alternatives like relocation or deterrents, whenever possible.

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