VICTIMS PLIGHT: NEED FOR GROWTH OF VICTIMOLOGY IN INDIA Anirudh Singh, Student at jamia millia islamia university Download Manuscript ABSTRACT The paper deals with the concept of victimology and discusses it in detail with the help of decided case laws both in abroad and in India. Victimology means “the scientific study of crime victims including the study of the relationship between victim and offender and of the consequences and effects of being victimized.” The article discusses about its history in different nations of world. Afterwards the paper deals about its development in India. Victimology and its role in the betterment of life of every victim as well as sometimes in life of offender has also been taken in consideration. Then it discusses about various provisions for victims that are given in different acts and statutes, CRPC mainly plays a very important role in victimology. The benefits derived to victims by implication of correct victimology procedure and laws provide them a better way to heal from these ruins of crime that are suffered by them. The Victimology also forms a part of Penology and this aspect has also been covered in this paper. India also suffers a lack of an act/ statue which is completely based on victimology. Only one section in CRPC i.e., 357A deals with this concept but in reality, at least half of CRPC should focus on the concept of Victimology, therefore the drawbacks of not having a victim-based statue and work needed to be done in this direction have been discussed. At last, the role of our Judiciary in promoting Victimology and Victim Compensation has been discussed with the help of latest as well as landmark judgements. The judicial pronouncements have always played a role in the favour of victims even when the offender is state. Type Information Research Paper LawFoyer International Journal of Doctrinal Legal Research, Volume I, Issue II, Page 364- 381. Creative Commons Copyright This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Copyright © LIJDLR 2023 Recent content ANALYSIS ON MECHANISM OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCES IN INDIA VICTIMS PLIGHT: NEED FOR GROWTH OF VICTIMOLOGY IN INDIA A STROLL THROUGH THE STATE OF DIGITAL PRIVACY IN INDIA DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: THE GAP BETWEEN STATISTICS AND REALITY UNRAVELLING THE EMERGENCE OF RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN IN INDIA EVALUATING THE BEST EVIDENCE RULE: A COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF ITS APPLICATION IN THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM